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Instruments Repair

Our commitment to the industry is to supply instruments that are of the highest quality and reliable. As such, all instruments are guaranteed to be of the highest standards of craftsmanship and free of material defects.

All instruments are guaranteed for one year against breakage, assuming proper use.

This guarantee does not apply to instruments that are mishandled, misused, improperly maintained, improperly sharpened or improperly sterilized. Please contact us to get complete information of proper handling and sharpening techniques. Instruments which have been repaired or re-sharpened by a source other than Chrome Surgical are void of any warranty.

Chrome Surgical offers comprehensive repair to all our premium instruments to bring them back in their original condition. All repairs are completed and authorised by our experts hence ensuring you get the maximum out of your investment. Merchandise will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. We request our customers to assist us in protecting our employees by only returning instruments for repair which have been cleaned and sterilized.

Returning Instruments for Repair:

  • Material can only be removed and reshaped; not added.

  • We DO NOT re-tip (TC) ANY instruments!

  • Instruments will be repaired ONLY if they will be functionally equivalent to a new instrument.

  • We will evaluate instruments for repair prior to evaluating them for a warranty replacement.

  • We will not be held liable if instruments have been repaired by another manufacturer and this would also void any warranty left on the Instruments.

  • We only offer repair and replacement for those instruments which have been bought directly from us or our authorised dealers only.

If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with a Chrome Surgical repair, we guarantee to replace or again repair the product at no charge if returned within 30 days.

For more information or to book in your repairs please call our friendly Customer Service.